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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Newest SEO Strategies for Affiliate Marketing and Web Sites

Art by Felipe Micaroni Lalli_CC-BY-SA-2.5
Art by Felipe Micaroni Lalli_CC-BY-SA-2.5

This article addresses web site optimization with some current and evolving free advertisement resources that are available to everyone. We will be updating this article in the future, so you may wish to bookmark, share, and follow this development as we hold back no punches or valuable information to benefit all of our visitors and News Letter subscribers.

Just how valuable is it for the average online marketing home business owner or even for an affiliate marketing newbie and even for that matter the webmaster guru to understand the importance of SEO tools, keyword relevancy to content density, and properly linking a myriad of all the unknowns to provide the greatest visibility for web search engines, etc. etc.?

One would think to work smarter and not harder while at the same time to provide the maximum exposure and attraction of web search engine visibility within today’s new organic web search engine triggers that fixes global-internet-electronic-eyes in your direction, right? Yes, the right Link-Juice.

Wait a minute just think if you know what to do instead of working harder to become viral, you are viral. Let me use this example: This blog in 2009 was less than 48 hours old and a complete analysis was performed against 1,600,000 formerly analyzed “Web Sites” with “Meta Tags” and those results came in around 968,000/1,600,000+ or 46% and 100% relevancy without Meta Tags and without any former web search engine submissions and/or indexing, not too bad as result a of six months of research?

As of today that same service as checked two days ago rated this site at 61% and again without Meta Tags and 100% relevancy. Now what are you doing to learn more about how to maximize your visibility and to improve your SEO attraction of global-internet-electronic-eyes and a global-market instead of working so hard running after every one else?

To further assist others as it is our wish to allow for the greatest conceptualization of the newest internet organic search engine criteria in general as any one can understand it and this can at times be daunting, if not result in total information overload. After several years of trail and error after research I believe that it is paying off to some extent. Albeit, even if this knowledge is only used to encourage others to learn more and for every one that reads this to use these resources, if they wish.

To recognize the importance of what you may be missing is to perceive it first. If you can perceive something that may be missing then you know what you are looking for or maybe it is just that right link-juice in your blogs or on your site? Then again who are you linking too?

LEAP TO THE TOP of organic search engine visibility with this SEO tool and information. As always, kindly dofollow for future additions of this article and we truly hope this brings more knowledge and awareness to future SEO trends.

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